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760 Freiburg Supported Fire in Germany

In Berlin, the capital of Germany, the brink of disaster was returned. A fire broke out on the train with 760 Freiburg fans on board. Three of the four people injured in the incident were treated at the hospital. “Berlin vs. Berlin and Freiburg's 4-3 [more…]

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Delayed Train Neckerchief

A German woman living in Munich recorded every delay in the trains she boarded with the colors of the scarf she knitted. Many of us are no strangers to the hassle of being late for transportation to get from A to B. in Munich, Germany [more…]

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Intercity Railways

Dark Clouds

The effects of global climate change are becoming more and more felt in our country as in the whole world. The World Economic Forum 2018's Global Risk Report examined, climate changes, natural disasters, [more…]

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German Railways (DB) Open to Asian Market

An agreement was signed between the German Railways and the Georgian Railway company on 12 June in Berlin for future joint projects in the railway transport sector. With the signed agreement, strengthening the Europe - Asia transport corridor and [more…]

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MPs of the German Bundestag Visit to TCDD

Visit to TCDD from the Deputies of the German Bundestag: The Delegation of the Transport and Digital Infrastructure Commission of the German Bundestag visited TCDD. German Deputies Arnold Vaatz, Florian Oßner, Thomas Viesehon, Andreas Rimkus, Germany [more…]

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Competition on rails is heating up

Competition on rails is heating up: the German rail company Deutsche Bahn introduces the new high-speed train model. High-speed trains, which become rivals to air travel, compete not only with speed but also with comfort. Europe [more…]

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Losses of German Railways

German Railways to Take Off Workers: German Railways (DB) has announced that 10 has suffered one billion 2015 million euros in 300 after the year break. Germany Railways (DB), 10 year after the break [more…]

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Safety Management System Training Started at TCDD

Safety Management System Training Started at TCDD: Within the scope of the activities for the adoption of the Safety Management System, training is given to the personnel of the TCDD 1st Regional Directorate between 08-12 February 2016. TCDD General Directorate Infrastructure and [more…]

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Stuttgart 21 project continues

The Stuttgart 21 project continues: The Stuttgart 21 Project, also known as the largest station-rail and city planning project in Europe, will continue to increase the cost to 9.8 billion euros and before 2025. [more…]

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Frankfurt Railway Station Refreshing

Frankfurt Train Station is being renovated: Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof – Frankfurt Train Station, which was opened in Germany in 1888, is being renovated for 135 million Euros. It is one of the largest train stations in Europe and serves 450 thousand passengers a day. [more…]