44 Malatya

Investigation into the Crash of Two Freight Trains in Malatya

CHP's Mahmut Tanal brought up the allegations of mistakes and negligence related to the accident in which two freight trains collided head-on in Malatya. Minister Karaismailoğlu announced that an investigation was initiated after the accident and that the investigations were continuing. CHP Istanbul Deputy Att. Mahmut Tanal in June [more…]

bts made an explanation about malatya train accident
44 Malatya

BTS made a statement about Malatya train accident

The Central Executive Committee of the United Transport Workers Union (BTS) made a press statement about the accident in which two freight trains collided in Battalgazi District of Malatya the previous day. In the statement made by BTS; “On 13.06.2020 at around 01.58 am, it is connected to the Battalgazi district of Malatya. [more…]

railroad memories fear of carrom

Railway Memories: 'Carrom Fear'

I cannot forget the danger of Carom in my Izmir Blue Train Service, I still live that fear when I think of it. I hope God bless us all from all kinds of accidents and troubles. I think it was the beginning of 1985, when I got my outline mechanic license and started working as a responsible Machinist. [more…]

Kutahyada train accident injured heavy people
43 Kütahya

Train Accident in Kütahya! .. 1 Serious 2 People Injured

At the level crossing in Kütahya, two people, 1 of which was heavy, were injured in the truck hit by the freight train. After the citizens reported the accident, medical teams took the injured to the hospital on the scene. It was learned that one of the injured persons was in serious condition. 24274 expeditions used by the machinist Y.Ö [more…]

railroad wagons derailed in Mersin
33 Mersin

Freight Train Wagons Derailed in Mersin

The wagons of the freight train in Mersin Tarsus district derailed for an unknown reason. According to the information obtained, some wagons of the freight train going from Mersin to Adana direction derailed for an unidentified reason when approaching the Tarsus Station. It's the short distance [more…]

gin the number of train services between europe reached thousand
86 China

5 Thousand 266 Reaches China-Europe

The number of freight train services between China and Europe reached 5 in the first eight months of the year. Train services, which increased by 266 percent compared to the previous year, became an important commercial leg of the Belt-Road project. Train services, [more…]

turkogluda level crossing accident injured
46 Kahramanmaras

Accident at Level Crossing in Türkoğlu, 5 Injured

Five people were injured as a result of the train crashing into the car at the level crossing in the Türkoğlu district of Kahramanmaraş. According to the information obtained, the freight train numbered 5, which makes the Adana-Elazig expedition, is at the level crossing that connects to the Kahramanmaraş-Adana highway of the Beyoğlu District of the district. [more…]

moments when the yuk train derails
420 Czech Republic

Lime Loaded Train Overturned In Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, the lime freight train was derailed and overturned. Images of the moments when the train was derailed and overturned were published. The crash occurred on July 29 at around 16.30 local time, near the city of Marianske Lazne in the Karlovy Vary region. Derailed load [more…]

adana mersin railroad
01 Adana

6 Death on the Mersin Mersin Railway Road

While the repercussions of the freight train that made the Adana-Mersin flight hitting the service vehicle carrying Syrian agricultural workers continued, it was revealed that 6 people lost their lives in accidents in the last 17 years. It was a level crossing of a freight train running the Adana-Mersin flight Syrian agriculture [more…]

243 Democratic Republic of the Congo

Two Trains Collide in Congo 13 Dead

In the accident that occurred as a result of the collision of two freight trains at Ngodji station in Pointe-Noire region in the People's Republic of Congo, 13 people were killed and 25 were reported injured. Jean-Claude Tchibassa Louboungou, Director General of Congo Railways (CFCO), investigation into the incident [more…]

train crash camera
33 Mersin

Mersin Train Accident On Camera

1 person died and 3 people were injured, 8 of them seriously, as a result of the freight train crashing into a service van in the town of Tarsus in Mersin. The accident was reflected in the camera. At 12:00 yesterday, the 63 LZ 951 plate minibus carrying agricultural workers from the level crossing in Yenice [more…]