35 Izmir

1,5 million Izmir free internet enjoyment

1,5 million free internet enjoyment: With the izm WizmirNET in of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, 1 million users benefited from wireless internet service during the year. 1,5 İzmir people who can connect to wireless network at different points smart phone, [more…]

34 Istanbul

Istanbul Metrobuste Free Internet

İstanbul Metrobüste Free Internet: Istanbul metrobus passengers can use the internet without charge within the scope of u ibb WiFi İstanbul. Currently, 234 is in the BRT and it is working to reach 400 in a short time. [more…]


Free internet on tram

Free internet on the tram: Gaziantep started to implement smart city concept with Turkcell. Many innovations were implemented in the city on the tram, from free internet to smart meters. This is expected to save millions of pounds. cities in turkey, technology [more…]

34 Istanbul

Metrobüste Free Internet

Free Internet in Metrobus: Metrobuses, which reduce the traffic problem a little bit in Istanbul, which is one of the most crowded cities in the world and still getting crowded day by day, save you a little bit of traffic ordeal. [more…]


Free internet in Samsun light rail

Samsun Samsun light rail, light rail free internet free internet application with implementing it was reported that this is a first in Turkey. The first and only woman in the world working in a workshop in the transportation sector [more…]