yht month stopped in izmit after the break
41 Kocaeli

YHT Stopped in Izmit After 3 Months

YHT, which was stopped due to coronavirus measures, resumed its activities on May 28. YHT stopped in Izmit on 8 June and picked up passengers. High Speed ​​Trains (YHT) as of 28 March due to the prohibition or restriction of intercity travels in many cities within the scope of coronavirus measures. [more…]

kayseri high speed train project is not in investment year
38 Kayseri

High Speed ​​Train Will Not Come To Kayseri This Year

Kazım Yücel, a member of the GOOD Party Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Council and Deputy Chairman of the Group, reacted to the failure of the high-speed train to be brought to Kayseri and said “Kayseri is a city punished by Ankara”. İYİ Party Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Council Member and Group Deputy Chairman [more…]

baskan aktas gave date for high speed train
16 Bursa

Mayor Aktaş Gives Date for High Speed ​​Train

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that Gürsu, whose population is close to 100 thousand, will soon jump to the scale and they are planning for Gürsu accordingly. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş said, 'The Metropolitan Municipality is growing with common wisdom'. [more…]

chpli kayisoglu that fast train will come to scholarship
16 Bursa

CHP Kayışoğlu That High Speed ​​Train Will Come to Bursa

CHP Bursa Deputy Nurhayat Altaca Kayışoğlu spoke at the 2020 budget negotiations of the General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly. Kayışoğlu criticized the high-speed train in his speech. CHP's Kayışoğlu, in his speech, loaded on the power over the high-speed train project, which also concerns Bursa. Kayışoğlu fast [more…]

cerkezkoy intermodal terminal project exception meeting held
22 Edirne

Çerkezköy Intermodal Terminal Consultation Meeting

Çerkezköy Intermodal Terminal Consultation Meeting Çerkezköy Under the Presidency of Mayor Vahap Akay Çerkezköy Municipal Assembly Hall. Çerkezköy In addition to Mayor Vahap Akay, our Deputy Mayor Nedim Yılancı and Nedim Yılancı to the Intermodal Terminal Project Consultation Meeting [more…]

important development of sanliurfa high speed train project
63 Sanliurfa

Şanlıurfa High Speed ​​Train Project Discussed

AK Party Şanlıurfa Deputy Mehmet Ali Cevheri visited the General Director of the Turkish State Railways, Ali İhsan Uygun, in his office. Taking its place among the most popular means of transportation in recent years and breathing in intercity transportation in the cities where voyages start [more…]

There is a fast train between the project
16 Bursa

There is a high speed train between Bursa and 10 Project

There Are High Speed ​​Train Among 10 Projects To Be Made In Bursa; Söze… “You are insistently writing about the developments in high speed trains, and we follow them closely. Let me give you the newest information ”he started. On Saturday… Government and Leadership within the body of Bahçeşehir University in Merinos [more…]

thracian train
22 Edirne

Trakya High Speed ​​Train Route and Map

Thrace High Speed ​​Routes and Map: Edirne, Tekirdag and Kirklareli provinces will connect to Istanbul 'High Speed ​​Train' project has come to an end. Istanbul Halkalı In the 229-kilometer high-speed train project, starting from the station and ending at Edirne Kapıkule station, the people of the region were informed. [more…]

bursalilar wants a high speed train
16 Bursa

Bursalılar Want High Speed ​​Train

Bursa People Want High Speed ​​Train; The problem is… We all admit that Bursa is a city that does not seek its rights. Because there is an urban society that perceives willing as embarrassment. For years, it has never been able to get the share it deserves from public investments. Whereas… With industrial production, export, agricultural [more…]

Eskisehire had to bring the fast train
26 Eskisehir

They Brought Fast Train to Eskişehir

They Have To Bring High Speed ​​Train to Eskişehir; Eskişehir Democrat Party Provincial Chairman Hüseyin Özcan criticized the government with harsh words, stating that no one had said a word about the economic crisis the country was experiencing. Emphasizing that those who speak and those who speak are all sides [more…]

bayburt governor cuneyt epcimden railway description
69 Bayburt

Bayburt Governor Cüneyt Epcim Railway Description

Governor Cuneyt Epcim, on the agenda of the railway discussions in relation to the route shifted from Bayburt to Gumushane reported that the truth does not reflect. Governor Epcim said, yok We are not too late for high-speed train. The rhetoric of the tender is definitely not real. ” Bayburt Head Office [more…]

samsun critical report for steep railway line
52 Army

Critical Report for Samsun Sarp Railway Line

In the 'Samsun-Sarp High Speed ​​Train Project' report prepared by Ordu University; "It will make an important contribution to the region in solving economic problems, especially employment, with rail transport and high-speed train transport," it said. Ordu University (ODU) Ünye Economics [more…]