Work in Karamanda Larende Underpass

Works Continue on Larende Underpass in Karaman: Within the scope of Karaman-Ulukışla high-speed train line works in cooperation with Karaman Municipality and TCDD, 100. Yıl Caddesi and the train line will be built between Kemal Kaynaş Stadium and Wheat Market. [more…]

Intercity Railways

First pickaxe shot in Larende Underpass Project

The first excavation was made in the Larende Underpass Project: The first excavation was made in the Larende Underpass Project, which will connect the Larende and Sümer Neighborhoods to the city center in Karaman. It has been talked about for many years in Karaman, but it is a [more…]


40 Annual Dream is Underpass

40 Annual Dream is Over The Underpass Becomes Real: The most important underpass project, which has been talked about for years but could not be realized, will connect the Sumerian Districts of Larende to the city center. About [more…]


Karaman-Ulukışla High Speed ​​Train Auction OK

Karaman-Ulukışla High Speed ​​​​Train Tender Complete: Within the scope of the high-speed train project, which is one of the important projects that will move Karaman into a new era, the tender for the construction of the Karaman-Ulukışla high-speed train line has been completed. The municipality made a statement on the subject. [more…]