14 Bolu

Mudurnuda Train Station

Mudurnuda Train Station: Mudurnu, Göynük districts will pass through the geography of the High Speed ​​Train (YHT), readers are following, especially, my dear friend Lütfi Erkan GÖKÇE my brother's electronic [more…]


Theft from the high-speed train line

Theft from the high-speed train line: In the Sapanca district of Sakarya, two people who allegedly wanted to steal the cable from the High Speed ​​​​Train Line were arrested. The teams affiliated to Sapanca District Gendarmerie Command, in the controls they made on the high-speed train route. [more…]


Beautification work on high-speed train

Beautification work on the high-speed train route Konya Metropolitan Municipality A park on 16 different kinds of oak trees, on which the different types of oak trees will be placed, on the Railway Street in order to beautify the High Speed ​​Train route. [more…]

06 Ankara

Boluya High Speed ​​Train

Boluya High Speed ​​​​Train Pile According to the latest local newspaper news, there is Bolu-Mudurnu on the high-speed train route, but it is stated that it will not stop in Bolu and Mudurnu. I'm very curious, how many piles were thrown in this Bolu? of power [more…]

35 Bulgaria

Testing Crisis in TÜVASAŞ's Wagons Produced to Bulgaria

It was claimed that there was a problem in the shipment of the sleeping wagons produced by Türkiye Vagon Sanayi AŞ (TÜVASAŞ) for Bulgaria. According to the information received, it was stated that the orders were kept at the customs due to the fact that the speed tests of the wagons were not carried out. SPEED TESTS ARE NOT PERFORMED [more…]

07 Antalya

High speed train puzzle in Antalya

AK Party Antalya Deputy Sadık Badak said that it is out of the question to remove Alanya from the High Speed ​​​​Train Project. Manavgat Chamber of Commerce and AK Party District Presidents, on the other hand, claimed the opposite and said, “Mr. Badak, [more…]