91 India

India train crash at least 90 dead

Train accident in India at least 90 dead: In India, a new one has been added to the fatal train accidents that have occurred frequently in recent years due to the old railway network and insufficient modernization efforts. [more…]

81 Japan

Japan is coming faster than a plane

Japan arrives on a faster train than the plane: Japan, which brought the high-speed train up to 60 years ago, is now preparing to break a record with its new maglev. According to CNNinternational.com news, the new Japanese [more…]

33 France

The story of the train wreck of Montparnassedaki

The story of the train wreck in Montparnasse: The train, which was traveling from Granville towards the Montparnasse station in Paris, by increasing its speed by the mechanic for fear of being late, and could not be stopped when it entered the station, the most striking train of the 19th century. [more…]

91 India

Two Train Collided in India

Two Trains Collided in India: In Lucknow, India, a passenger train crashed into a parked dry cargo train in the head, causing at least 40 people to die. Gorakhpor Express train at high speed [more…]

Shinkansen high-speed train
Intercity Railways

Train Types in Rail Systems

In Rail Systems, we will try to briefly explain the Train Types to the tracks. Let's start with the definition of the train. DESCRIPTION OF THE TRAIN It is composed of one or more towing vehicles moving on the rail and one or more towed vehicles. [more…]


Railway Line Works

Zonguldak Karabuk railway line rehabilitation and signaling project will be carried out within the scope of the work will be closed for approximately two months to 6 hour train traffic said. Zonguldak Karabuk railway line has two months transportation [more…]