Intercity Railways

Explosive trapped on the railway in Van, destroyed

The handmade explosives trapped in the train track in Van were detonated in a controlled manner. Hand-made explosives trapped on the train track by terrorists in Van were destroyed in a controlled manner. According to the information received, the search in the region between Van and Iran [more…]

12 Bingol

Explosive disposed on the railway in Bingöl

Explosive placed on the train track in Bingöl was destroyed: Gendarmerie teams carrying out land search and scanning near the village of Suveren in the Genç District of Bingöl, destroyed the handmade explosive placed 100 meters from the train track. [more…]


4 tone explosive on bridge construction

In BATMAN, a section of the giant rock on which the feet of the 480-meter-long bridge to be built on the Tigris River will be mounted was shattered using 4 tons of explosives. Batman Governor Yılmaz Arslan also followed the work in the field. About [more…]


Are TCDD personnel granted rights?

Can Cankesen, Chairman of the Transportation Officer Sen, said that the staff working on the railways have many problems. Cankesen, who made a special statement to, stated that the railways personnel are working under severe conditions and that their employees are not given enough rights. [more…]