unmanned aerial vehicles drive wind energy sector

Drones Lead the Wind Energy Sector

Unmanned aerial vehicles are shaping the wind energy sector. Ülke Energy stated that drones provide great convenience in the wind energy sector, especially in the maintenance and repairs of wind turbines during the coronavirus epidemic. [more…]

Burcin Toktamis
34 Istanbul

Senior Assignment in Shell

Burçin Toktamış, who served as the Assistant General Manager of Retail, Sales and Operations Manager of Shell & Turcas, became the Global Marketing Director responsible for all sectors and sales channels of the Shell Commercial Fleet Business Line. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Crane Solutions for Railway Workshops

Crane Solutions for Railway Workshops: Konecranes has extensive service experience in the energy sector./INS. Cranes and other lifting equipment are very important for power generation plants, especially during construction and maintenance. [more…]


Department of Rail Systems Engineering

The rail systems engineering department aims to train engineers specializing in rail, subway and similar rail transport. The importance of rail systems is increasing day by day and developing and transportation is carried to rail systems as much as possible. [more…]