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Hyperloop One Comes to Life in India

Hyperloop One comes to life in India. Virgin Group signed the Hyperloop project that will reduce the 3-hour distance between Mumbai and Pune to 25 minutes. Elon Musk's Hyperloop project will be implemented by Richard Branson. virgin [more…]


In Turkey "hyperloop Project" why not?

While the world continues to struggle with conflicts and turmoil, some visionary names continue to work on projects that will change the world and bring humanity to a positive future. One of them is social with a visit to Turkey last week [more…]

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Fear the Air

Let the one who is afraid of the plane get on the train: An important statement will be made on November 8 about the Hyperloop, which is claimed to go faster than the plane, which is launched as a train that goes faster than the plane and intercity transportation [more…]

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Hyperloop One Transport Transportation

Transportation with Hyperloop One Will Jump: One of the most reliable means of transportation, trains can undergo drastic changes for years to come. As it is known, in recent years development for high speed trains, intensive work of engineers [more…]

Saudi Arabia agreed for hyperloop train
06 Ankara

With Hyperloop, Istanbul Becomes Ankara 25 Minutes

ITU team from Turkey joined Hyperloop. When the project is realized, the distance between Istanbul and Ankara, which takes 1 hour even by plane, will be reduced to 25 minutes. Famous entrepreneur, chief architect and company partner of the team that developed the electric car Tesla [more…]

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The first step for scuba transportation Hyperloop

The first step for the scuba transportation Hyperloop is taken. The 4.8-kilometer test road, which was started in the Nevada desert of the USA, will be completed in late 2016. The first for Hyperloop, which will offer the opportunity to travel at a maximum speed of 1126 km per hour. [more…]

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Hyperloop begins testing in 2016

Hyperloop starts tests in 2016: Hyperloop Technologies company, which was established for Hyperloop technology announced as Ultra High Speed ​​​​Train, will meet its CEO and start tests in 2016. Hyperloop introduced in the past months [more…]

hyperloop working principle
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Sound Speed ​​Train Travel with Hyperloop

Train travel at the speed of sound with Hyperloop: The train that exceeds the speed of sound. The fast train will exceed the speed of sound. US billionaire Elon Musk will introduce the train called Hyperloop, which goes at a speed of 600 kilometers per hour, to the press. [more…]