EDS Solution to Akçaray Tram Line

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Park by serving the people of Kocaeli Akçaray Tram line inspections are increasing. Already monitored by camera systems, do not even comply with traffic rules and park their vehicles on the tram line [more…]


Siverelis want EDS to death

Siverekliler wants the EDS on the way to death: Siverek-Sanliurfa-Diyarbakir Highway and Siverek-Cermik Highway passing through the heart of the city scatter death. Dozens of people lost their lives trying to cross the highways [more…]


Traffic Penalty Inquiry and Payment 2014

Traffic Fines Inquiry and Payment 2014: You can easily pay the debts of your traffic fines over the internet. While you can query your traffic debts through the IOP, the debts and penalties of the HGS and OGS penalties are sent via the internet. [more…]