new means of transportation for the islands determined
34 Istanbul

New Transportation Tools for Islands

IMM completed the work to meet the transportation demands in Adalar, which was initiated by banning phaetons due to disease transmitted to horses. 2 types of electric vehicles were purchased and purchased for visitors living in the district. New vehicles, summer [more…]

New Smart Solutions
34 Istanbul

New Smart Solutions for Istanbul Transportation

New Smart Solutions for Istanbul Transportation; “New Generation Vehicles” session was held within the scope of Ulaşım Sustainable Transportation Congress in of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Assoc. Dr. Eda Beyazit in thin facilitated (moderator) session held in smart mobility in Turkey [more…]

mobilization of balikesirde volksvagen
10 Balikesir

Volksvagen Mobilization in Balıkesir

Volksvagen after the automotive giant decided to invest in Turkey's Balikesir business on the move. 2 billion euro investment to impart motion motorway passing Balıkesirli representatives of the business community, which is Turkey's largest investment [more…]

electric vehicle technologies panel
58 Sivas

Electric Vehicle Technology Panel

Republican University (CU) Dean of the Faculty of Technology and Electric Automotive Working Group Electric Vehicle Technologies Panel was organized. Dean of the Faculty of Technology. Dr. Meltem Cebeci Sarıoğlu, Science Industry and Technology [more…]


Özlü to attend ELADER Special Session

12 at Zorlu Center Performing Arts Center (PSM) On October 2018, Electric Vehicles Information Association (ELADER) organized a special session of innovation (Innovation) summit, on behalf of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality TransportationPark A.Ş. General Manager Mehmet [more…]

34 Istanbul

Turkish People Ready for Electric Vehicles

Research conducted by the Bogazici University in Turkey on a national scale in electric vehicles, it has revealed that the Turkish people want to buy electric vehicles. According to the research the number of electric vehicles in our country 4 year 56 [more…]

06 Ankara

Huge partnership in nanotechnology

Huge partnership in nanotechnology: ASELSAN and Bilkent University established a joint company for the production of high-power nano transistors. The company integrates radar, high-speed train, electric vehicle and 4G used in telephone systems. [more…]