elazigda train accident injured
23 Elazig

Train Accident 1 Dead 2 Injured in Elazig

The train hit the vehicle of the workers working in the electricity company in the Maden district of Elazig. 1 person died in the accident, 2 people were injured. According to the information received, the accident was located at the level crossing between Sivrice and Maden district of Elazig. [more…]

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Train Crash 2 Mechanic Shipped to Courthouse

2 Machinist Sent to the Courthouse in the Train Accident: 5 in Elazığ 9 machinist who was detained in connection with the train accident in which the Syrian 2 agricultural worker was killed was transferred to the courthouse. Yesterday at 10.45 TatVan-Ankara [more…]

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Statement by TCDD on the Train Crash in Elazig

Statement from TCDD on the Train Accident in Elazig: The General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) announced that the minibus carrying agricultural workers between the Elazig-Çağlar stations of the train that makes the Ankara-Tatvan expedition from a point without a level crossing, [more…]

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Elazığda Train Wreck 2 seriously injured

Train accident in Elazig 2 seriously injured: 2 people were seriously injured in the train accident that occurred on the kesrik bridge in Elazig. Two female trains escaping from the city mains water that exploded on Kazım karabekir street in Elazig [more…]