Intercity Railways

Train Travel

Train journey is the center of attention: Erzurum TCDD Operations Manager Yunus Yeşilyurt stated that the interest of citizens, whether domestic or foreign, is increasing day by day in Erzurum. Yesilyurt, Citizens both economic and [more…]


State Railways Live the Golden Age

State Railways is experiencing the Golden Age: State Director of State Railways Erzurum Yunus Yesilyurt, 2014 in 121 thousand passengers traveling with the State Railways, he said. State Railways Erzurum Operations Manager [more…]


Erzurum Gar Museum opened to visitors

Erzurum Train Station Museum is opened to visitors: There are 2 historical documents, tools and equipment in Erzurum Train Museum, which is Turkey's 320nd railway museum. TCDD Erzurum Operations Manager Yunus Yesilyurt, 150 at the Station Museum [more…]