Aegean Region Railways

According to some, the product of the industrial revolution, in another view, is a mode of transportation that triggered the revolution; his adventure, philosophy and potential in our country unfortunately has not been studied except for a few academics and intellectuals. [more…]


2012 AND 2013 YEARS

Minister Binali Yıldırım shared with us that at the meeting we held 20 days ago, he declared 2012 and 2013 as the year of Gümüşhane, as a directive to his bureaucratic staff. Our Gumushane deserves [more…]

Bursa T1 Map
16 Bursa

Sculpture Garage Tram Project Approval Received

The projects prepared on the Sculpture-Garaj tram line, which is the first long line in the city center tram lines, which constitute the second leg of the Metropolitan Municipality's goal of “weaving Bursa with iron nets”, were sent to the DLH General Directorate for approval. Confirmation [more…]