International article success from high school students

International Success from High School Students

Two scientific articles prepared by Hisar Schools high school students deserve to be published in an international scientific journal. kazanwas. “Open Schools Journal for Open Science” journal; Accepting students' original articles on science, engineering, and technology [more…]

What will be the technology trends

What Will 2021's Technology Trends Be?

Micromobility, distance education and working technologies will leave their mark in 2021. The rapid change in technology continues to affect and transform consumer needs. While there is a new development in the technology sector every day, this [more…]

Scenario for the opening of schools

4 Scenarios About Opening Schools

Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk said that they knew that they touched the future of a child with every decision they took during the pandemic process. “We would never allow a situation where any of our teachers, any of our children would be put at risk. Even discussing it [more…]