domestic motor studies in our country

Indigenous Motor Studies in Turkey

19 is the first 20 diesel engine to be offered to humanity by German engineer Rudolf Diesel for the first time in the late 19th century. century has completed its technological development in the second half. In our country for the first time in 1956 Prof.. Dr. [more…]

new 5 pieces to the Tatvan pier
13 Bitlis

Tatvan Van Decreases to 3,5 Hours by Ferry

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan of Turkey-Iran transit railway line providing connection via Lake Van was reported that the ferry will be renewed in Tatvan-Van line. Minister Arslan, said in a statement, Turkey-Iran railway transit van [more…]



TÜLOMSAŞ Stamp: TÜLOMSAŞ General Manager Hayri Avcı stated that the domestic engines bearing the name of TÜLOMSAŞ are now being introduced to the market in the maritime sector. [more…]

1 America

Hybrid trucks introduced in Los Angeles

These trucks, which were introduced in Los Angeles, have an electric motor as well as a diesel engine. The hybrid trucks that Siemens introduced at the Los Angeles Electric Vehicles Symposium last week attracted great attention. Trucks are often [more…]