07 Antalya

Kazım Karabekir Street Asphalt Asphalt

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, Muratpasa Kazim Karabekir Street deformed asphalt renewed. Warm asphalt paved street became comfortable. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, deformed in the city center in line with modern urban services [more…]

the width of the girne bend doubled
01 Adana

Kyrenia Bridge Twists Its Width

Adana Metropolitan Municipality, D-400 highway to ease the flow of traffic on the Seyhan River to increase the width of the bridge to 52.5 meters, 10 lane road to serve as a project began quickly. Adana Metropolitan Municipality, [more…]


Road to Nizip

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality is making a new road to Nizip district as a freeway. 400 thousand 2 meters long 500 meters wide road, which will connect the old road to Nizip to the D-35 highway, is the vision of the district. [more…]

chpli asked sumer adananin railway projects
01 Adana

Kyrenia Bridge Becomes 10 Ribbon

Karnıyarık ordeal that ended the Adana Metropolitan Mayor Hüseyin Sözlü, D-400'de to relieve traffic launched the second critical move. Hüseyin Sözlü, Mayor of Adana Metropolitan Municipality, traffic on D-400 Highway which provides transportation in east-west direction. [more…]


Plantation at D-400 Highway Intersections

Plantation Work at Junctions on the D-400 Highway: The plantation work initiated by the Directorate of Parks and Gardens of Alanya Municipality in the middle refuges on the D-400 highway between Kestel District and Kargıcak District continues. Kestel Neighborhood [more…]


D-400 Highway Central Refuge in Alanya

Alanya D-400 Highway Medium Refuge Arrangement Work in Progress: In the district of Antalya, Alanya D-400 highway between Kestel and Kargıcak districts in the middle of the median landscape and arrangement work is done. Alanya Municipality Park and Park [more…]


Erdemlide Road Works

Road Works in Erdemlide: Mersin Metropolitan Municipality continues its road works in many points of Erdemli. The road is built by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality for the narrow bridge and its environs on the road of Hüsametli Neighborhood. [more…]