highways are cleaned all year round
41 Kocaeli

Highways are Cleaned all year round in Kocaeli

Situated within the requirements of the position Kocaeli, Turkey's busiest routes and E-100 and the cleaning is done by the Metropolitan Municipality of the D-130 highway. While the cleaning of the highways on the main routes of the city is of great importance [more…]

golcuk yuzbasilar intersection came to the connection ways
41 Kocaeli

Gölcük is at the Connection Roads

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality has brought one of the most important projects to the city in order to make the main arteries fluent in the city. The bridge intersection, which was put into practice in the district of Gölcük, Yüzbaşılar, was opened for car traffic in May of 2019. [more…]

77 Yalova

Golcuk Captain's Road Traffic Transit

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is working to streamline the traffic on D-130. Metropolitan Municipality, which is working at the crossroads at Gölcük Yüzbaşılar junction, is rapidly implementing the project. Intersection, currently guided by traffic lights, [more…]


The D-130 highway connects the TEM motorway

D-130 highway and TEM highway will be connected to each other: Minister of Transport Lütfü Elvan, information about road works in the presentation speech of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications in the Planning and Budget Committee of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey for 2015. [more…]


Sued for highways

Highways sued: Hakan Yilmaz's father Mehmet Yilmaz Golcukli, a while ago on the D-130 highway Gölcük crossing Mestaş fuel station at the entrance to the motorcycle, was killed as a result of a vehicle crash. Hakan Yilmaz, [more…]


Traffic Load on D-130 Highway Will Decrease

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Zekeriya Özak stated that the traffic load on the D-130 Highway will decrease thanks to the artery to be built at the borders of Kartepe, Başiskele and Gölcük. Speaking at the meeting held at Gölcük Summer Ilıca Facilities, Özak said, [more…]


Editing Around the Bridge

With the initiatives of Başiskele Mayor Hüseyin Ayaz, who has accomplished many successful projects from municipal services to social projects, the pedestrian bridge built on the D-130 highway in Sepetlipınar Mahallesi was put into use. In the area where the bridge stairs are located [more…]