Minister explained that two rail system line is coming to Istanbul
34 Istanbul

The Minister Announces! Two Rail System Line Comes to Istanbul

With the participation of the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu HalkalıThe excavation start ceremony took place at the last section of the Istanbul Airport Metro 2TBM. Karaismailoğlu stated that the rail system network will increase from 251 kilometers to 342 kilometers when the projects under construction in Istanbul are completed. [more…]

do we want to have our answer
26 Eskisehir

Do We Want To Protect Our Environment?

While celebrating June 5, World Environment Day, under the threat of a global epidemic of the corona virus, to what extent can we protect our environment and our world, do we want to protect it? The global crisis we are experiencing has once again shown that humanity [more…]

imamoglu channel istanbul no social consensus
34 Istanbul

Imamoglu: 'No Social Consensus in Kanal Istanbul'

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu made a live broadcast on his own social media accounts during daylight hours, explaining the measures they took due to the coronavirus epidemic and what to do next, and shared with the public that he conveyed his recommendations on the subject to the Ministry of Health. Evening [more…]

project works of channel istanbul completed
34 Istanbul

The date has been determined for Kanal Istanbul

"The highly anticipated" Crazy Project "A special team is working for Kanal Istanbul. The plans of the project are planned to be suspended in May, and the tender is planned after June. Kanal Istanbul is a special project established under the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization for the preparation of development plans. [more…]

channel istanbul
34 Istanbul

Kanal Istanbul Statement by the Minister Institution

Environment and Urban Planning Minister Murat Kurum made statements about Kanal Istanbul. Ministers Authority, "Channel EIA process for Istanbul, Turkey's most well-attended, has been one of the most transparent process." The institution said, “The EIA report of the Kanal Istanbul Project has been approved. [more…]

Tema Foundation channel sued Istanbul Project
34 Istanbul

TEMA Foundation Sues the Canal Istanbul Project

TEMA Foundation, according to the EIA positive decision of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization for the Kanal Istanbul Project; He filed a lawsuit on the grounds that the decision was not in line with the law, public interest and scientific grounds. In the lawsuit filed on February 17, 2020, the Foundation is responsible for the execution of the EIA positive decision. [more…]

Channel Istanbul
34 Istanbul

Wealth Fund is not in our Channel Istanbul Investment List

Wealth Fund President Zafer Sönmez said that Kanal Istanbul is not currently in investment programs, and that they will make exploration for the projects that the government has determined as a strategic goal. A new dimension with the announcement of Kanal Istanbul project Wealth Fund, which has been discussed for years [more…]

imamoglu mecidiyekoy mahmutbey carried out the first test pack on the metro line
34 Istanbul

İmamoğlu Mecidiyeköy Announces Opening Date of Mahmutbey Metro Line

İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu said, “Kabataş- Performed the first test drive on the “Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey Line”, which is the first stage of the Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey Metro. İmamoğlu, who made the examinations at the control center in Tekstilkent, the last point of the test drive, made a speech at the same point and gave technical information about the line. [more…]

The Metro Was Troubled By The Adana People
01 Adana

CHP Adana Deputy Şevkin: Metro is Troubled by Adana People

Republican People's Party (CHP) Adana Deputy, TBMM Industry, Trade, Energy, Natural Resources, Information and Technology Commission Member Dr. Müzeyyen Şevkin, about the rail system debt 'hump' on the back of Adana, said, "The debts of the projects completed by the relevant municipality are transferred by our ministry. [more…]

project works of channel istanbul completed
34 Istanbul

Kanal Istanbul Development Plan Approved

Cahit Turhan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, said, “We have reached the tender stage for the Canal Istanbul Project, which will protect our Straits and Istanbul. We will hit the dig later this year. Without violating the provisions of the Canal Istanbul and Montreux Straits Convention, the Istanbul Strait [more…]

channel istanbul website opened
34 Istanbul

Kanal Istanbul Website Opened

The Directorate of Communications has launched its website called "", which contains details about the Kanal Istanbul project and answers to all questions. Communications Director Fahrettin Altun, who announced on his Twitter address that the website named "" prepared by the Directorate of Communications, has been opened, said, “ [more…]

Kanal İstanbul Can Destroy Thousand Hectares of Forest Area
34 Istanbul

Kanal İstanbul can destroy 3 thousand hectares of forest area

Foresters' Association of Turkey Marmara related to North Branch Canal Istanbul route in the remaining forest Forests held a press conference with the participation of the Association. At the meeting, Marmara Branch President Prof. Dr. Ünal Akkemik announced the report prepared by the scientific committees. From Canal Istanbul [more…]