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34 Spain

Train accident in Spain 45 injured

There was a train accident in Madrid, the capital of Spain. According to initial reports, 4 people were injured, 45 seriously. Spanish railway company Renfe said that the accident occurred at 03.37 am local time, about 40 kilometers from the capital Madrid. [more…]

34 Spain

Train Crash in Spain

Train Accident in Spain: In the city of Bilbao, in the north of Spain, 27 people were injured as a result of the commuter train hitting the barriers at a station. In the statement made by the "Emergency Service" of the local government via the Twitter account, win, [more…]

train accident in spain
34 Spain

Train Crash 77 Dead in Spain

Train accident in Spain: The first information in the investigation started about the accident that occurred when the passenger train making the Madrid-O Ferrol expedition in Spain derailed near the entrance of the Santiago Compostela station in the Galicia region. [more…]