doha metro will raise the world cup
974 Qatar

Doha Metro to Reach 2022 World Cup

The 300 km long Doha Metro serves the Greater Doha area and provides links to city centers, major commercial areas and residential areas. The subway or elevated metro, which is built on the outskirts of the city, [more…]

ankara sivas yht project continues rail laying
06 Ankara

Rail Laying Continues in Ankara Sivas YHT Project

Rail laying in the direction of Yerköy-Sivas in the Ankara-Yozgat-Sivas YHT Project, which is one of the important axes of the railway corridor connecting Asia Minor and the Asian countries on the Silk Road route and will reduce the distance between Yozgat and Ankara to 55 minutes. [more…]

kce project training took place
38 Kayseri

KÇE Project Training is done

Within the scope of the Construction of Kayaş – Irmak – Kırıkkale Çetinkaya Electrification Facilities Part III – IV by Transportation Systems in Kayseri on 21-25 January 2019, on 28 January-1 February 2019 in Sivas [more…]

the first train reached the project of senegal ter
221 Senegal

First Train to Senegal TER Project Reached

The first train within the scope of the high-speed train project from Dakar city center to Blaise Diagne International Airport has arrived at the construction site. Trains consisting of four wagons with a total length of 72 m, first and second class passengers [more…]