earthquake security mobilization in transportation
06 Ankara

Earthquake Safety Mobilization in Transportation

Minister Turhan, in his speech at the "Workshop on the Preparation of Earthquake Regulations for Transportation and Distribution Facilities" held at the General Directorate of Highways (KGM), stated that transportation is a strategic issue at the center of political, social, technical, economic and cultural relations. [more…]

4 national congress of highway started

Highway 4. National Congress Begins

28, the fourth of the National Congress of the Highway, began in Ankara on Wednesday in the Halil Rifat Pasha Hall of the General Directorate of Highways. General Directorate of Highways and Turkish National Committee of Roads [more…]

savings of 176 billion pounds by bolunmus

Saving 17,6 Billion Lira in Split Ways

Transport and Infrastructure Minister M. Cahit Turhan stated that an annual economic benefit of 26 billion 472 million liras is provided by the divided roads reaching 17 thousand 650 kilometers in Turkey. Turhan, in his statement, in Turkey [more…]


In the 2015 transport departs attack in Turkey

In the 2015 transport departs attack in Turkey: the tunnel of the bridge, when so many airports in the metro project of the divided highway and the airport will be opening this year. Turkey, depart attacks on transport in 2015. From bridges to tunnels, train lines [more…]


Gümüşhanede Highway Investments

Highway Investments in Gümüşhane: AK Party Gümüşhane Deputy Kemalettin Aydın stated that Gümüşhane is experiencing its golden age in highway investment, and that a new 12.9 kilometer long road will connect the Eastern Black Sea Region with Central Anatolia and Southeast Anatolia. [more…]


Ecological measures for accidents on highways

Ecological measures for road accidents: The Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs is building ecological bridges on highways to prevent wildlife-related traffic accidents. According to a written statement from the Ministry, Nature Conservation and National [more…]