A First 'Pedestrian Stop' in Istanbul
34 Istanbul

A First 'Pedestrian Stop' in Istanbul

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is preparing to sign the “Pedestrian Stop” project together with the WRI Turkey Sustainable Cities and Healthy Cities Partnership. Ensuring road safety in urban transportation, using bicycles instead of motor vehicles [more…]

People of Ankara Pedal For Zero Emission
06 Ankara

People of Ankara Pedal For Zero Emission

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality brought together the people of the Capital with the activities it organizes as part of the "European Mobility Week" held every year between 16-22 September. Citizens, who did not remain insensitive to the call of the General Directorate of EGO, supported the event by participating in the #I do business bike. [more…]

tandem bicycle news on the world cycling day
35 Izmir

Tandem Bicycle Good News on World Bicycle Day

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer announced that bicycles with two riders were included in the Smart Bicycle Rental System on June 3, World Bicycle Day. “For the first time in Turkey, a municipality can also help our visually impaired citizens. [more…]

İSBİKE Renewed Mobile Application
34 Istanbul

İSBİKE Renewed Mobile Application

İSBİKE Mobile Application Renewed: İSPARK, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, renewed the mobile application of İSBİKE, its ever-developing project. It is now easier to rent bicycles in Istanbul with mobile technology. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) [more…]

cycling calistayi will be organized in Mersin
33 Mersin

'Bicycle Workshop' will be held in Mersin

'Bicycle Workshop' will be held in Mersin; Mersin Metropolitan Municipality is adding a new one to Mersin's efforts to pave the way for bicycle use in a more comfortable, safe and comfortable environment. Greater Municipality, Mersin University [more…]

pedals turned around in the bike valley of aycicegi
54 Sakarya

Pedals Turned in Sunflower Bike Valley

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality continues to host the guests of Sunflower Bicycle Valley. Finally, in the Bicycle Valley, which hosts small students of Budaklar Elementary School, children receive safe driving training as well as [more…]

vi mersin caretta bicycle festival
33 Mersin

VI. Mersin Caretta Bicycle Festival

Mersin, under the auspices of the Governorship of Mersin, funded by the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, will be held this year with the participation of Mersin Cycling Travelers Association, Mersin University and the Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks. [more…]

Konya will be turkiyeye examples of bike paths
42 Konya

Konya, Turkey will be an example of Bicycle Path

Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality Uğur İbrahim Altay attended the Marmara International City Forum (MARUF) held at the Istanbul Congress Center. With the motto of "Cities that Produce Solutions", the forum will take place between 1-2-3 October, with Konya and Cycling. [more…]

training of students in cycling
46 Kahramanmaras

Training of Students on Cycling in Traffic

Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality has provided bicycle training to students in Erkenez neighborhood in order to promote bicycle use in urban transportation. The children pedaled their way to school with their educators. Healthy Cities Association launched 'Come on children by bicycle [more…]