train ride last padisah
09 Aydin

First Padişah

The first sultan to board the train: This year is the 150 anniversary of the railroad reaching Aydın. Today, the meaning of such a day: Aydın is the second largest city opened from Anatolia to the world (İzmir the world da was Europe in the 19 century) after İzmir. More [more…]

35 Izmir

Malfunction in İzmir Metro has worn the nerves

The breakdown in the Izmir Metro eroded the nerves: The previous day in the Izmir Metro, the breakdown in the morning hours when the intensity was experienced angered the passengers. After arriving at Basmane Station, the subway, which makes the Üçkuyular-Evka-3 expedition, began to wait with the passengers inside. [more…]

35 Izmir

Do we get used to the rail system?

Have we gotten used to the rail system: With the start of the new era in public transportation in İzmir, İZBAN's Alsancak and İzmir Metro's Konak-Çankaya-Basmane stations, which are at the center of business centers, increased the number of passengers to 100 thousand. Using the rail system in Izmir [more…]

35 Izmir

Number of Passengers Passed 100 Million

The Number of Passengers in İzba Exceeded 100 Million: Rail system users in İzmir exceeded the 100 million threshold in four years. İZBAN's Alsancak and İzmir Metro's Konak stations are the lifebloods of the city. Rail system in Izmir [more…]