Big prize for Toyota from ODD

3 Grand Awards to Toyota from ODD

At the ODD Gladiator Awards, which was organized for the 43th time this year with the theme of "Unique Year" by the Automotive Distributors Association (ODD), which brings together 11 international brands in the Turkish automotive industry under the same roof, Toyota, [more…]

hope of revival in automotive
16 Bursa

The prospect of revival in automotive

Ali Bilaloğlu, Chairman of the Automotive Distributors Association (ODD), said that the extension of SCT and VAT reductions is a very important development. Bilaloğlu, in his written statement yesterday, increased interest in 2018, exchange rate [more…]


Turkish Automobile Industry Shock News

Turkish Automobile Industry Shock News: For a year of losses in the Turkish economy, the leading sector of exports came from automotive black news. The figures announced by ODD, which keeps the pulse of the sector, show how serious the deterioration is. [more…]

automotive sector red alarm production reduced

Jobs in the Automotive Market

Business in the Automotive Market: The automotive sector, which is among the largest markets among Turkey's leading locomotive sectors, shows that the market has shrunk when the sales figures of last year are examined. For passenger and commercial [more…]


Automotive domestic market dip, peaks in exports

Automotive reached the bottom in the domestic market and peaked in exports: The automotive sector, which experienced troubled times in the domestic market in the first quarter of the year, achieved stability with the export championship. According to the Automotive Distributors Association (ODD), automobile and [more…]