What is the expression of dingon
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What Is The Meaning Of The Stable Of Dingo

Most of us are unaware of the interesting story of the emergence of this pattern that has become a balsam in our language. Let's take a time travel to 1800's Istanbul and find out how the phrase Dingo's barn has settled in our language. Calendars 3 [more…]

History of trams in Konya
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History of Trams in Konya

This news, Konya, the period of public transport by tram "1992 year" will break the memorization of those who say at the beginning of the years of Istanbul and Izmir 1900'li as well as the Greek army in the Balkan War in 1912 until seized [more…]

journey in history in istanbul moda tram
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A Journey in History in Istanbul Moda Tram

Journey through History in Istanbul 'Fashion Tram'. Istanbul is a city where transportation vehicles are transformed day by day with its expanding residential area throughout its history. From thrones to springs, from horse-drawn trams to trolleybuses, nowadays cars, subways, buses, minibuses. [more…]

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Stables of the Dingon in Istanbul

Dingo's Stables in Istanbul: Located behind the Water Maksemi in Beyoğlu Taksim Square and known as 'Dingo's Barn', there is now a repair shop and warehouse of the Nostalgic Tram. Where does the phrase Dingo's barn come from? [more…]

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Istanbul Trams celebrate their 102nd anniversary

Istanbul Trams celebrates its 102nd anniversary: ​​A celebration will be held on Thursday, February 11, for the anniversary of the electric trams, which made their maiden voyage on February 1914, 11 and served Istanbul residents for years. Istanbul's indispensable [more…]

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My dear tram

My beloved tram: It was planned in 1869, it started operating in 1871, it was switched from horse-drawn to electric in 1914, but it always continued to carry Istanbulites. As a result of the concession given to Konstantin Karapano Efendi, from Galata to Ortaköy, from Eminönü in Istanbul [more…]

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First Trolleybus Tosun First Steamer

The First Trolleybus Tosun The First Ferry Steam: The exhibition titled From the First Ferry to Marmaray Navigating Istanbul, which chronologically reveals the two centuries of transportation history of Istanbul, was opened. 50 for the exhibition [more…]

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The electric tram in Istanbul

The adventure of the electric tram in Istanbul: Electric trams first started operating in 1913 in Istanbul. It was abolished in 1961 on the grounds that it was not efficient. Before electric trams, “horse-mounted” for about 42 years [more…]

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Berlinin Tram Line 150 Age

Berlin's Tram Line is 150 Years Old: The tram pulled by horses in Berlin was offered to citizens 150 years ago. The Berlin tram system is the fourth largest in the world, 150 years after the horse-drawn tram system [more…]

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144 annual story of public transportation in Istanbul

144 annual story of public transportation in Istanbul was published with the name Transportation in Istanbul with Photos: 1871 annual story of public transportation which started in Istanbul in 144 by horse-riding tram was published as Ulaşım Transportation in Istanbul with Photos ”. Celebrating 144 [more…]

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Izmir left the tram 50 years ago

İzmir left the tram 50 years ago: One of the unforgettable memories of our childhood days was hanging on the trams from Konak to Karantina and Göztepe. These tram obsessions KarşıyakaIt would have been more fun. four of two arms [more…]

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Eshot 70 Age

Eshot 70 Age: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality ESHOT General Directorate, 70. celebrates its age with various activities. In this context, the latest model of the horse-drawn tram prepared in ESHOT workshops was exhibited at the at bus models açılan exhibition at the Historical Gas Factory. [more…]

istanbul trams
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Istanbul's First Transportation Vehicle

The first transportation vehicle of Istanbul, the horse-drawn tram: The horse-drawn tram was put into service for the first time in Istanbul on September 3, 1869 by Konstantin Karopana on the Azapkapı Ortaköy line, followed by the ten tenths that were put into service later. [more…]

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Students Travel to IETT's History

Students Journey through IETT's History The exhibition themed "Journey to History-İETT with Photographs", created with black and white photographs selected from the IETT archive, met with students. Black and white photographs that attracted great interest in places where they were exhibited before. [more…]