unye port receives hazardous material compliance certificate
52 Army

Ünye Port Receives Dangerous Goods Conformity Certificate

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality continues its works within the scope of Ünye Port Development Project, which will provide convenience at the point of export to the Black Sea countries and Turkic Republics. In this sense, the Metropolitan Municipality received the Dangerous Goods Compliance Certificate to increase the load variety of Ünye Port. [more…]

Boztepe touch the clouds to the final in the project
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Towards the Finals in Boztepe Touch the Clouds Project

Tourism investments continue in Ordu, which has become the rising star of the Black Sea with its sea, green nature and rich historical texture. With the completion of the 'Touch the Clouds Project' put into service by the Metropolitan Municipality in Boztepe, 530 altitude, which is the observation terrace of the city, the asphalt works were also [more…]

the cable car facility and the reverse house in the army are opened to service with new measures
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Cable Car Plant and Reverse House in Ordu are Opened with New Measures

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality is preparing to reopen the Cable Car Facility and Reverse House, which stopped its activities in the Covid-19 process, with the implementation of the normalization calendar. In this context, the Metropolitan Municipality, the Cable Car Facility and the Reverse House, a project for citizens to remember and protect the social distance rules. [more…]

unye port project comes to life
52 Army

Ünye Port Project Goes to Life

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality continues its efforts to ensure that Ordu can benefit more from the sea and open to investments in economic-social, tourism and employment. The Metropolitan Municipality continues its improvement and development works at the ports strategically located throughout the province. In this context [more…]

instant intervention to coken cevre in the army
52 Army

Instant Response to the Collapsed Ring Road in Ordu

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality intervened in the collapse that occurred in the city's alternative ring road. Work will be done on the 8-meter ground to go down to the source of the water that caused the collapse in Şehit Birol Yıldırım Boulevard. Breathing the city traffic with alternative routes [more…]

the last bend on the way to boztepe
52 Army

The last bend entered on Boztepe Road

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality continues its works to make the transportation to Boztepe, which is the observation terrace of the province, at 530 altitude, comfortable. In 7,2, hot asphalt works were started on the 2017 km road used for transportation to Boztepe, which hosts thousands of domestic and foreign tourists every year. [more…]

feverish work on the army's new bus station
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Feverish Work on Ordu's New Bus Station Road

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Karşıyaka The neighborhood is on the 2,5 km route known as the new bus station and Eskipazar TOKİ road on Çiftlik Caddesi. With work to be done Karşıyaka Neighborhood Civil Defense Bridge and Eskipazar Mahallesi TOKİ Bridge [more…]

army republic neighborhood will breathe this way
52 Army

Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Will Breathe This Way

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, which brings the city together with solid and modern roads, is conducting hot asphalt work in the 2 thousand 160-meter section between the university and the Melet river in the Cumhuriyet District. After the completion of the works, the bicycle and pedestrian path in the area [more…]

The golden car park in the golden tree is being planted
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Moonlight Car Park is Afforested in Altınordu

Aiming to leave a greener and livable city for future generations, Ordu Metropolitan Municipality continues to mobilize afforestation and greening throughout the province. In this context, the teams started afforestation and greening work in the Moonlight Parking Lot in Altınordu district. [more…]

Boztepe is getting ready for the summer season
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Boztepe is Preparing for the Summer Season

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality has come to an end in Sales Units Buffet and Landscaping Construction Work in Boztepe, one of the attraction places of the province that can be watched from a bird's eye view. On the street closed to traffic in order to give the citizens an insatiable pleasure, 25 of them are local [more…]

Sivas intersection ended
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Ended at Sivas Junction

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, which continues to expand and renovate the intersections in order to alleviate the traffic load of Altınordu district, is preparing to complete its works in Ulubey (Sivas Junction) after the Municipal Junction. After the ongoing landscaping works, the intersection serves the citizens with its renewed face. [more…]

army reduces traffic load of large city Sivas intersection
58 Sivas

Ordu Reduces Traffic Load of Metropolitan Sivas Junction

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality continues its efforts to reduce the traffic density in the city. In this context, the works, which were recently started and completed by the Metropolitan Municipality at the Altınordu District Municipality Junction, continue at the Sivas Junction. Fever at the crossroads day and night [more…]

public transportation times in the army have been changed
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Public Transport Time Hours Changed in Ordu

Army Metropolitan Municipality continues to take all necessary measures to combat the virus Corona showing the effect in Turkey. Metropolitan Municipality, in line with the measures to be taken against the virus in public transportation used extensively by citizens, some public transportation vehicles and [more…]

army disinfects mass transit vehicles
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Public Transport Vehicles Are Disinfected in Ordu

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality is carrying out the necessary studies to create a hygienic environment for citizens in public transport against viruses and microbes. The Metropolitan Municipality works on disinfection every day in public transportation vehicles carrying a large number of people. During detailed cleaning, inside buses, windows, driver [more…]

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