Date under the Konak Tunnel

History emerges from under the Konak Tunnel: Archaeological excavations in İZMİR, where the Konak Tunnel passes, are over. During these studies, the bones of more than 900 people found in Jewish graves were delivered to the Jewish community and transferred to the Jewish Cemetery in Gürçeşme. [more…]

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Marmaray shipwreck ships preparing to be exhibited

The sunken ships of the Marmaray are getting ready to be exhibited: Conservation processes of 8 sunken ships, which were transported from the land in 37 years in Yenikapı during the archaeological excavations carried out within the scope of Istanbul Marmaray and metro projects, continue. Istanbul Marmaray [more…]

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Archeology Delayed by TCDD

Statement by TCDD that Archeology Delays Marmaray: We Don't Blame Anyone. The operator of Marmaray, TCDD, made a statement to HaberVs that the "archeology delayed Marmaray" board belonged to the presentation of Minister Yıldırım and did not aim to accuse anyone. Operator of Marmaray [more…]

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The reason for the delay in the excavations is not

The reason for the delay in marmara is not the excavations but the excavations that the Prime Minister described as 'pottery' changed the history of Istanbul and the world. The 'delay' in Marmaray is not about excavations. Prime Minister Erdogan previously said in 2011 Marmaray [more…]

The number of tourists coming to Istanbul decreased by% compared to the previous year
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How Istanbul Was 8500 Years Ago

Researcher Onar commented on the bones found in the Marmaray excavation, “This is not the port of Theodisisius, it's like the port of Noah's ark.” Its History Goes Back 8500 Years The bones found in Marmaray's excavations in Yenikapı shed light on history. [more…]