president slow sewing house seeking credit for nata vega metro project
06 Ankara

Mayor Yavaş Seeks Credit for Mamak Metro Project

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş announced that they are working on the new metro line that will pass through Mamak. While the new line, which will extend to the east of the capital, is planned to have six stops, the search for resources for the project has begun. New [more…]

Map of Ankaray | Map of Ankaray Line and Ankaray Stops
06 Ankara

Ankaray Stops Map and Timetable

Ankaray Stops Map and Timetable: Ankaray vehicles are designed to operate at maximum 80 km / h and average 35 km / h cruising speeds. The traction system of the vehicles uses the energy generated during the electrical braking. [more…]

ankara rail system map

Map of Ankaray

Ankaray Map: about Ankaray Ankara, Turkey's capital, is one of the largest cities in Europe. Its population exceeds 4 million and is still rising. Therefore, fast, comfortable and safe transportation in the city [more…]