06 Ankara

First demolition for Başkentray on Hacettepe Bridge

The first demolition for Başkentray is to Hacettepe Bridge: As part of the Başkentray works, the demolition of the railway bridges in Sıhhiye, Cebeci and Mamak begins today. The bridge in front of Hacettepe University will be demolished today. The demolition work on the Sıhhiye railway bridge on Atatürk Boulevard is on 17 July. [more…]

Baskentray Stations and Timetables
06 Ankara

Başkentray Project

Başkentray Project: In Ankara; With the BAŞKENTRAY Project, which aims to raise suburban lines to the subway standard; 6 road between Ankara-Behiçbey, 5 road between Behiçbey and Sincan, 4 road between Ankara and Kayaş is reconstructed, high speed train, conventional and suburban lines [more…]

06 Ankara

Ankara's suburban lines and trains renewed

Ankara and the suburban train lines were renewed: Turkey State Railways (TCDD) suburban train lines and the renewed spending 170 million pounds in Ankara. The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) suburban train lines and their 170 million pounds in Ankara [more…]