The cause of chaos in Istanbul traffic
34 Istanbul

The Cause of Chaos in Istanbul Traffic

prof. Dr. We talked to Haluk Gerçek about Istanbul's transportation problem, the source of this problem and how to solve it. According to the news of Meltem Akyol from Evrensel; “I think the first thing that comes to mind when talking about Istanbul is traffic. never progressing [more…]

ankara train accident explained the reason
06 Ankara

Reason of Ankara Train Accident Announced: 'Rush Opened'

The experts assigned to the investigation of the YHT accident in Ankara on 13 December 2018, in which nine people lost their lives, announced their reports. In the report, the main reason is that the construction of the road is not completed on time, the project is not completed and the necessary time [more…]

Samsun-Kalin Railway Line is Signed
55 Samsun

Samsun-Kalin Railway Line is Signed

A striking claim has been made about the Samsun-Kalın railway line, the opening of which has been postponed many times before. It was claimed that the line was stuck with the lack of signaling, which came to the agenda with the train accident in Ankara. Newspaper Şükrü [more…]

ankara is more of a scandal
06 Ankara

A Scandal in Ankara YHT Crash More!

Scandals continue incessantly in the train accident that cost the lives of 9 people in Ankara. It turned out that 5 days before the accident, there was a warning that there was a problem in changing the scissors manually. There are train accidents in Turkey, officials [more…]

prosecutor asked tcddde signals snow
06 Ankara

Prosecutor Sordu, TCDD Signals in Confusion

13 in Ankara December 2018 Ankara Public Prosecutor Oğuz Ejder Özdemir, who conducted an investigation into the train accident that resulted in the death of 9, asked the TCDD various questions. For these questions, two different institutions of TCDD [more…]