Park in ankara metro stations new term, continue
06 Ankara

New Era 'Park Continue' at Ankara Metro Stations

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş is implementing projects that will breathe the traffic of Başkent one by one. In order to minimize the traffic problem, EGO General Directorate brings together alternative transportation projects with the people of Başkent, reducing vehicle traffic and [more…]

Burage work for comfortable and safe travel in Ankara
06 Ankara

Burage Work for Comfortable and Safe Travel in Ankaray

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Directorate initiated a tamping work in ANKARAY Plant to provide more comfortable and safe transportation for passengers. Burage work that provides a more smooth and safe transportation for passengers by correcting the train line with millimetric measurements, [more…]

Hygiene Study in OTAs from Ankara Metropolitan
06 Ankara

Hygiene Study in ELVs from Ankara Metropolitan

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has been on alert with all its units within the scope of combating the coronavirus epidemic. Taking action in line with the circular issued by Mayor Yavaş on the increase in the number of cases in Başkent, the Department of Health Affairs, the Private Public Transport Vehicles (ELV) that serve the districts [more…]

ostime guven full in domestic subway vehicle
06 Ankara

Trust in OSTIM in Domestic Metro Vehicle Full

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş said, “We put a local company condition in the subway pre-qualification tender. The project will be made, and after the project is completed, when it comes to the construction stage, we will definitely set a local condition. Because OSTİM is capable of achieving this. [more…]

hygiene work in the basket continues without saying that day and night
06 Ankara

Disinfection in Basket Continues Day and Night

Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, who follows disinfection and cleaning works 7/24 with his bureaucrats, asked all units to be on alert. Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its sterilization works of public transportation vehicles, taxis and minibuses every day [more…]

New measures taken for coronavirus in the capital
06 Ankara

New Measures Taken for Coronary Virus in Capital

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality was on the alert with all its units within the scope of combating coronavirus. New cautionary decisions were put into effect on the instructions of the Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş. The rental fee taken from the workplaces owned by the Metropolitan Municipality has been postponed for two months. Kindliness [more…]

ankara metro is entrusted to them
06 Ankara

Ankara Metro is entrusted to them

Transportation in Ankara subway is entrusted to Machinists Tuğba Çörtük and Melike Küçükbıçakçı. According to the news of Vuslat Ay from Ankara SABAH, those who work 10 hours a day are as assertive as their male colleagues; “Determination of female trainers in Kızılay, Çayyolu and Törekent metro lines [more…]

ego from the underground stations
06 Ankara

Statement by EGO on Inoperative Escalators at Metro Stations

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Directorate stated that the repairs of the defective escalators in the metro stations will be completed as soon as possible. “In the statement made on October 14, 2019 regarding the inoperative escalators in metro stations; Total in Ankara Metro, Ankaray and Teleferik line [more…]

ankara metro will also accelerate
06 Ankara

Ankara Metro will accelerate at 2020

Ankara Subway to Accelerate in 2020; Responding to the frequently asked questions about public transportation in Ankara on its website, EGO General Directorate said, "Ankara Metro Islet OSB / Törekent-Koru subway line time schedules are arranged?" the question [more…]

ankara subway rail is renewed
06 Ankara

Wearing Rails Renew in Ankara Subway

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality renews the rails in Ankara Metro, which are worn or worn. Continuously maintaining maintenance, repair and renovation works all over the capital, EGO General Directorate Rail Systems Department provides citizens with uninterrupted comfortable transportation and safety. [more…]

walking stairs in ankara metro stations
06 Ankara

Escalators not working in Ankara Metro Stations

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has made a written statement about the escalators that do not work in Metro stations recently. In the statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality, due to the increase in complaints on social media, especially ALO 153 Blue Table, escalators [more…]

Ankara 30 August Day Public Transportation Free
06 Ankara

Ankara 30 August Day Public Transportation Free

Public Transport in Ankara on August 30 Free of Charge: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality completed the celebration preparations for the 97th anniversary of the Great Attack under the leadership of the Commander-in-Chief Gazi Mustafa Kemal. Celebration to be held in the Capital within the scope of the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality "30 August Victory Day" [more…]