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UND reacts to Iranian practices

UND reacts to Iranian practices: changes in Iranian transport over the last 10 years to the detriment of Turkish transporters Fatih Sener voiced by UND, with negative developments in international transport [more…]


Und Agents Met in Musiad

Und Representatives met in Müsiad. International Board of Directors' Association (UND) monthly board meeting was held in Konya. The agenda of UND representatives gathered in MÜSİAD Konya Branch was the activities of Konya Logistics Center. First meeting in Konya [more…]

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TÜVASAŞ will continue on its way to strengthening

TÜVASAŞ : The reason why the Draft Law on the Liberalization of Railway Transportation in Turkey is wanted to be legalized has been understood… Twinning component of the “Turkish Railway Sector Restructuring and Development Project” carried out within the scope of Turkey-EU Financial cooperation [more…]

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Tekirdağ Railroad Reaching

Although the Tekirdağ – Muratlı line, which is mainly planned to be used in freight transportation, made the industrialists with facilities close to the railway happy, it was not enough to save the owners of the facilities, who could not have a direct connection to the railway, from trucks and TIRs. Industrialists [more…]