Smart Stall Period Begins in Altınordu

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Altınordu district implemented by the Public Transformation Transformation Project smart stop application began. “Ordumkart ile with LCD-LED displays showing the estimated arrival time of the minibuses to the busiest stations. [more…]


The New Ring Road to Altınordu!

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, Altınordu district, where the number of vehicles has increased rapidly with the increase in population, offers a new ring road to ease the traffic load. Polatlı Şehitleri Caddesi where hot asphalt works started [more…]


Public Transport Starts in Altınordu

The works for the new public transportation system to be implemented in Altınordu district of Ordu were completed and the protocol prepared was signed today. According to the protocol signed with the name of “Public Transportation Rehabilitation Project Altın, different [more…]


Interest in Smart Bicycle Increased in Ordu

The “Smart Bike” application offered by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality in Altınordu, Ünye and Fatsa districts attracts great attention. With the beginning of the new academic year, there has been an increase in the number of memberships and the total number of members. [more…]

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Our course rail systems

Our course rail system: Altınordu'nun U13 and U14 age football players, life recognition activities within the framework of the Izmir Metro and IZBAN travel, received information about the rail systems in IZBAN. Altınordu Football Training Association [more…]