06 Ankara

Bozankaya70 million TL investment in R & D

Producing electrical solutions for public transportation Bozankaya's budget allocated to R & D in the last 5 year reached 70 million TL. As a result of R & D studies, it is announced that 19 from the 10 project is currently in operation. New generation bulk [more…]

34 Istanbul

Bozankaya Attacking with New Generation Tools

Bozankaya attacking with new generation vehicles: Combining international experience with domestic production BozankayaIt will introduce its first car in representing Turkey in Eurasia Rail 2015 fair. Innovative manufacturer of rail systems and commercial vehicles Bozankaya, [more…]


Kayseri will carry local tram

The local tram will carry Kayseri: Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, which will double the length of the tramway, has made its choice for 30 new vehicles to work on the line from domestic products. The interest in rail systems in the field of public transportation is increasing. [more…]


Interesting explanation for Konya tram

Interesting explanation for the Akyürek Konya tramway Mayor Tahir Akyürek, who attended the Friday meeting of MUSIAD, started his speech by saying that MUSIAD was one of the organizations that left a mark in the history of Konya, [more…]