Intercity Railways

Full Support for ATSO Projects

ATSO Delegation, consisting of Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry Board members, continued to talk about their visits and projects, and received full support from the NGOs of our province. ATSO Management [more…]


Where does the Aksaray railway line pass?

The EIA report of the Kırşehir-Aksaray-Ulukışla Train Line project, which will be carried out for passenger and freight transportation from Aksaray, has been completed. The EIA report also provides information on where the train line will pass and where the train station will be. [more…]


TCDD flag waved at the summit

TCDD has waved the flag at the summit: YUNDER member Tuna Aydın, who worked as a Map Technician at TCDD 3.Region Directorate, is aiming at the summit in the mountaineering sport to which he is attached with love. All remaining residual increased [more…]

06 Ankara

Şereflikoçhisar insists on the railway

Şereflikoçhisar insists on the railway: local administrators in Şereflikoçhisar, Yozgat, Kırşehir, Ortaköy, Aksaray, Ulukışla route planned to pass the railway line continues to work through the district. Local authorities in Sereflikochisar, Yozgat, Kirsehir, Ortakoy, Aksaray, Ulukisla [more…]

Asphalt News

Asphalt Works in Aksaray

Aksaray Asphalt Works: Aksaray Mayor Haluk Şahin Yazgı, Zafer and Bedir Muhtar neighborhoods examined the asphalt works on the spot. Fate, in this statement, in addition to the maintenance of existing roads needed [more…]

34 Istanbul

Decrypting the traffic in Istanbul

Decryption of traffic in Istanbul: Yandex analyzing Istanbul's traffic; In October, 2012 and 2013 drivers need to drive through the most important streets and streets that connect the city's suburbs to the city center. [more…]

68 Aksaray

President Paltadan cable car gospel

Aksaray Mayor Nevzat Palta, Kılıçarslan Park and the observation terrace between the cable car will be established. President Palta said in a statement, to be held by expressing the cable car system to tender, this project last year, they decided, but [more…]