17 Canakkale

Mega Projects 130 Exceeds National Income

In recent years, transportation, infrastructure, energy and momentum to projects in the field of defense that Turkey, outpacing the national income of the country with large investment costs 130 realized. financial size of the mega-project on Turkey's agenda 138 [more…]

17 Canakkale

Giant projects coming one after the other

Giant projects are coming one after the other: The AK Party government, which was wanted to be prevented by FETÖ's coup attempt, has carried out many projects so far and has taken important steps in many projects. Some of these projects are as follows: Kanal Istanbul: [more…]


Mega projects full throttle

Mega projects full throttle: mega project will spread to Turkey will gain from the stability speed polls. Resolution over $ 100 2023 billion project will target the move to Turkey. AK Party came to power alone again [more…]


Mega projects will gain momentum

Mega projects will gain momentum: With the AK Party re-ruling alone, projects in areas such as transportation, defense industry and energy are expected to continue unabated, and those in decision-making are expected to be implemented. The AK Party [more…]


2023 project will fly to Turkey

2023 projects will make Turkey fly: Eurasia Tunnel, Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant, Kanal Istanbul, High Speed ​​Train and Istanbul Finance Center projects developed within the scope of 2023 vision will make Turkey a role model. 13 years [more…]

34 Istanbul

Ribbon will be cut in crazy projects in 2015

In 2015, the ribbon will be cut in crazy projects: AK Party government will accelerate crazy projects in the new year. This year, the high-speed train will meet with Marmaray, the third bridge will be completed, and airports will be opened. Foundation of Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant in Energy [more…]


3. The bridge may even stand

Bridges may even stop: Court karar.anayas important bridge and highway projects for Turkey's mega projects canceled outside agents that the Environmental Impact Assessment report. With this decision, EIA discussion on giant projects [more…]