TCDD 2023 and 2035 targets

TCDD 2023 and 2035 ambitious targets: Deputy Undersecretary of Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Orhan Birdal, General Director of TCDD İsa Apaydın and the accompanying delegation visited TÜDEMSAŞ General Directorate within the scope of his visit to Sivas. [more…]


TÜDEMSAŞ, An Important Value of Turkey

TÜDEMSAŞ, An Important Value of Our Country: Sivas Special Provincial Administration Secretary General Mehmet Nebi Kaya and Sivas Provincial General Assembly President Sedat Özata visited TÜDEMSAŞ. Yıldıray, General Manager of TÜDEMSAŞ [more…]


TÜDEMSAŞ Attracts Investor to Sivas

The Attractiveness of TÜDEMSAŞ Attracts Investor to Sivas: With the representatives of the companies that invest in Demirağ Organized Industrial Zone and still active in the railway sector, Governor Davut Gül and General Manager of TÜDEMSAŞ Yıldıray Koçarslan [more…]


Commanders Visit Tudemsashi

Commanders visited Tüdemsaşı: Sivas Garrison and 5'inci Infantry Training Brigade Commander Infantry Colonel Mehmet Kip and Provincial Gendarmerie Regiment Commander J. Colonel Sinan Şen visited our company. our company [more…]

06 Ankara

Railroad Sector Meets at TÜDEMSAŞ Stand

Railway Sector Gathered at TÜDEMSAŞ Booth: Investors' interest in the newly established Demirağ Organized Industrial Zone (OSB) in Sivas has been reported to increase day by day. Demirağ OSB, which will be predominantly railway companies [more…]


Manufacturing of freight wagons in Sivas Demirağ OSB

Freight wagons will be manufactured in Sivas Demirağ Organized Industrial Zone: Investors' interest in the newly established Demirağ Organized Industrial Zone in Sivas is increasing. Gök Grup operating in the city will manufacture freight wagons in the newly established OSB. in the city [more…]


As TÜDEMSAŞ develops, Sivas will develop

Sivas will develop as TÜDEMSAŞ develops: Sivas Branch Heads of the unions affiliated to Memur-Sen came to TÜDEMSAŞ and received information from our General Manager Yıldıray Koçarslan about the future targets of the company. Yildiray Kocarslan since his inception [more…]