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3. When will the airport laying ceremony

When will the airport groundbreaking ceremony be :3. When will the airport foundation be opened? Here is the date of the giant project has been announced. Obstacles for the 3rd airport in Istanbul have been overcome, and the groundwork will be laid on June 17. Now [more…]

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Lightning: 3 Airport sine qua non for Turkey

Şimşek: The 3rd Airport is an indispensable part of Turkey. Minister Şimşek, for the third airport project planned to be built in Istanbul, said “3. The airport is a must for Turkey," he said. As the groundbreaking preparations for the airport continue, in June [more…]

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What will be the historical train stations

What will happen to the historical train stations: In the high-speed train project, Haydarpaşa Train Station will become clear. Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek, signaled that the station will be included in the privatization. Well, Gebze-Söğütlüçeşme and Sirkeci-Halkalı between [more…]

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Haydarpasa Station to be privatized

Haydarpaşa Train Station will be privatized: Mehmet Şimşek said that this year Haydarpaşa Train Station will be included in the program after the reconstruction work. Stating that 2013 billion dollars was obtained from privatizations in 12,5, Minister of Finance Mehmet Şimşek said, “This [more…]

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3rd airport doping to TAV

TAV's 3rd airport doping: The possibility that the construction of the third airport will be disrupted made TAV investors happy. With the freezing of assets of Kalyon and Cengiz Holding, which are in the group that won the tender for the third airport, within the scope of the investigation, the construction of the third airport [more…]


Turkey's proof of the great betrayal

Evidence of the great betrayal of Turkey: With the second wave launched after December, giant projects were targeted. It turned out that the companies were prevented from getting loans and the projects were tried to be blocked. Precautionary decisions for businessmen who received tenders [more…]

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3rd Airport statement from the Minister

3rd airport statement from the Minister: Minister of Finance Mehmet Şimşek said that the construction of the airport would be disrupted if the measure placed on the businessmen who took the tender for the construction of the airport in relation to the investigation made on 23 December is not lifted. [more…]


Mereto Mountain Cable Car Project

Mereto Mountain Ropeway Project 2973 meter high Mereto Mountain 'ropeway' project to prepare the project they shared with the Minister of Finance Mehmet Simsek Muzaffer Arslan said; Mer Mereto with the solution process [more…]

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Mereto Mountain cable car project on road

The cable car project to Mereto Mountain On the way, Sason Mayor Muzaffer Arslan stated that they shared the project they prepared with the Minister of Finance Mehmet Şimşek in order to bring the N cable car proj project to the Mereto Mountain with the height of 2973 meters; “With the solution process [more…]

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Bridge and highway tender was canceled

Bridge and highway tender canceled Finance Minister Mehmet Şimşek announced that the bridge and highway tender was cancelled. Minister of Finance Mehmet Şimşek, today the evaluation made by the Privatization High Council (ÖYK) and the [more…]