boztepenin bagrina viaduct dagger
61 Trabzon

Viaduct dagger to the bosom of Boztepe

The connection of a new viaduct to Boztepe tunnels within the framework of Kanuni Boulevard road construction is receiving great reaction. 100 meters will exceed the viaduct feet will be stabbed in the bosom of Trabzon daggers said. Dagger to the bosom of the city [more…]

dsi artvinde km highway km tunnel built
08 Artvin

DSİ Built 216 Km Highway and 27 Km Tunnel in Artvin

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli said, “To date, a total of 216,61 kilometers of highway and 26,83 kilometers of tunnel construction have been completed in Artvin. In addition, the construction of 35 bridges and viaducts has been completed. With these studies, approximately [more…]

Beylerderesi Maturity

Beylerderesi Viaduct is taken care of

The Turgut Özal viaduct, which was built on the Beyler Stream and shortens the road by approximately 2 and a half kilometers, is being taken care of. Maybe as a vote investment before the general elections to be held in July 2011. [more…]

3 copru

3. Bosphorus bridge full throttle

Bosphorus Bridge full throttle :3. While two thirds of the towers on the Bosphorus Bridge were completed, the tower height reached 214 meters on the European side and 206 meters on the Asian side. President Abdullah Gül, Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Cemil Çiçek and Prime Minister [more…]

3. Bridge
34 Istanbul

The 3rd Bridge's Viaduct Pier Has Collapsed

The Viaduct Pier of the 3rd Bridge Collapsed: According to the information received, the pier collapsed while the workers were working in viaduct 35, which connects the ring road on the Beykoz side to the third bridge. bridge Beykoz Çavuşbaşı location connection road works [more…]