urtim continues to meet with students
34 Istanbul

URTİM Continues to Come Together with Students

It is of great importance for industry and schools to come together with various activities, for students to gain experience and for the future of the sector. During the academic year of 2018-2019, Boğaziçi, Yıldız Teknik, MEF, İstanbul, Karadeniz Teknik, Süleyman [more…]

kocaelide the third modern stall umuttepeye
41 Kocaeli

Third Modern Indoor Stop to Umuttepe in Kocaeli

Within the scope of the services carried out by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Public Transportation Department, a new one is added to the services that are developing every day in order to enable our citizens to travel comfortably and safely. AIR CONDITIONING AND WIFI STATION [more…]


Transportation Support to Students in Kocaeli

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, private and public operators throughout the city with the 'Public Transportation Services Development and Improvement' protocol was signed. According to the signed protocol, Metropolitan Municipality, students in Kocaeli and discounted [more…]


A first "comfortable bus stop" in Kocaeli

A first comfortable bus stop in Kocaeli: The newly built comfortable bus stop in Umuttepe, where Kocaeli University is located, has been opened for service. With the removal of temporary stops in front of gate A, air-conditioned stops opened instead of interest [more…]


Kocaeli tram project response to criticism

Responding to the criticism of the Kocaeli tram project: AKP Provincial President Şemsettin Ceyhan said in the press statement that President Erdoğan will come to Kocaeli University. Saying that the Gulf Crossing Bridge, which was built in Dilovası, has been put into service, Ceyhan said, “Our President Recep Tayyip [more…]


Greater transportation from Kocaeli Metropolitan

Big move in transportation from Kocaeli Metropolitan: General Secretary Büyükakın, who said that the tradesmen have no eyes on their bread, said, “We offer two suggestions to the representatives of the cooperative. A new pool will be established or they will rent vehicles from us. From Kocaeli University on the increase in transportation [more…]