act opened ukraine office
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Movement Opens Ukraine Office

Motion Project Transportation and Freight Engineering, the leading brand in the sector with its technology, expert staff and superior service standards, has added Ukraine to its international offices within the framework of its vision of becoming a global brand. Over 60 [more…]

ukraine russia train services to be suspended
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Ukraine Russia Train Trips to Be Suspended

Ukrainian Parliamentarian Vladimir Omeljan 'we are considering the option of closing rail communication with Moscow' due to the problems with Russia. said. The train line, which is the most used road transport light between Russia and Ukraine. [more…]

referral acunere new task in ukraine
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Şevki Acuner's New Mission in Ukraine

Between the years 2013- 2018, Mr. Şevki Acuner, who served as the Ukrainian Director of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, has appointed Ukraine as a member of the Supervisory Board of Ukrzaliznitsa. European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Ukraine [more…]

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Port names are changed in Ukraine under the law

The names of ports are being changed under the law in Ukraine: In line with the instruction of the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine, Omelyan, the names of ports and railway facilities are being changed within the scope of the decommunization law. Soviet symbols under the decommunization law [more…]

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Russian railway in Ukraine

Russian will become history at train stations in Ukraine: Ukrainian Infrastructure Minister Vladimir Omelyan announced that Russian signs and signs will be removed from train stations in the country. Announcing the decision with a message he shared on his Facebook account, Omelyan said, “December [more…]

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Train crossing Russia lost in Kazakhstan

The train that bypassed Russia was lost in Kazakhstan: It was claimed that the Ukrainian train carrying European freight and bypassing Russia was lost in Kazakhstan. According to the news in the Russian press, the Ukrainian train that takes cargo from Europe [more…]

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Metinvest supplies rail to Cuba

Metinvest supplies rail to Cuba : Metinvest, Ukraine's largest vertically integrated mining and steel group, produces long-distance lines produced by its subsidiary Azovstal for the railway line built in the port of Mariel, Cuba. [more…]