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First Trolleybus Tosun First Steamer

The First Trolleybus Tosun The First Ferry Steam: The exhibition titled From the First Ferry to Marmaray Navigating Istanbul, which chronologically reveals the two centuries of transportation history of Istanbul, was opened. 50 for the exhibition [more…]

first domestic trolleybus tosun
34 Istanbul

Trolleybus Tosun is on the road again

People passing by Millet Street in Istanbul nowadays look around in bewilderment when they see him. The reason is 'Tosun'. Tosun, which was designed locally as a result of the insistence of IETT workers in 1968, was transferred to Istanbul after 46 years. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Trolleybus comes to life again

Trolleybus comes to life again: Trolleybus, which became the symbol of IETT and disappeared from our lives in 1984, will start operating again on the Edirnekapı - Taksim line in the coming days. Edirnekapı-Taksim numbered Tosun 87, which is the symbol of IETT [more…]