New Overpass is Being Made in Edirnekapı
34 Istanbul

New Overpass is Built in Edirnekapı

Edirnekapı Station Overpass, located on the Metrobus line, is being renewed because it cannot meet the density and is not suitable for the disabled. The construction of the new overpass, which has started, is planned to be completed in October. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Science Affairs [more…]

Apple, like the estuary, freezes to its own color
34 Istanbul

Like Golden Horn, Apple should turn into its own color

İBB continues its efforts in every period of the year to keep the Golden Horn, one of the symbols of Istanbul, clean. In Haliç, where the color change was experienced with the proliferation of phytoplankton, these images were left behind and it was understood that there was no pollution. The same situation now [more…]

sukru saracoglu stadium disinfected
34 Istanbul

Sukru Saracoglu Stadium Disinfected

The Super League, which was postponed indefinitely on March 19 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, will start with two matches to be played on Friday, June 12. Fenerbahce Sukru in order to prevent football players and members of the press from being affected by the virus in IMM [more…]

support for the ib project of istkadan ibb
34 Istanbul

Don't Touch the Button, Cross Health

İGDAŞ, İSBAK AŞ and BİMTAŞ, which are affiliates of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, are entitled to receive support within the scope of the Istanbul Development Agency's (ISTKA) Fight Against Covid-19 and Resilience Program. kazanwas. ISTKA, public institutions, private sector and [more…]

roads are made safe in istanbul
34 Istanbul

Roads are Made Safe in Istanbul

Taking advantage of the last curfew, IMM continued road maintenance, repair and asphalt renewal works on axes on both sides of the city. Ümraniye, Üsküdar, Beykoz, Çekmeköy, popularly known as the "way of death" [more…]

Social distance rings were placed in parks in Istanbul
34 Istanbul

Social Distance Rings Set Up in Istanbul

During the normalization phase of the fight against coronavirus, IMM drew social distance rings for everyone who visited the parks to remember and protect the rules of social distance. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), the spreading rate is decreasing but still [more…]

Ispark case was rejected at Istanbul Bus Terminal
34 Istanbul

ISPARK Case Rejected at Istanbul Bus Station!

The former operators of the Great Istanbul Otagarı, the parking lots at the bus station, İSPARK AŞ. The lawsuit filed against the decision of the IMM Assembly to be operated by the court was rejected unanimously by the court. 25 of the parking lots of the Grand Istanbul Otagarı [more…]

Projects that are difficult to construct due to the heavy traffic pass into one life.
34 Istanbul

Ortaköy Beach will no longer smell

Due to the 19-day curfew, which started on May 1 due to the Covid-3 pandemic, Istanbul residents spent their days at home, and had the opportunity to work more comfortably in the empty city streets. Construction due to heavy traffic [more…]