samsun gari tekkekoye will be moved
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Will Samsun Train Station Move to Tekkeköy?

Will Samsun Train Station be moved to Tekkeköy? ; While the level crossing regulations were not complied with at Kılıçdede crossing on the Samsun – Sivas (Kalın) railway line, the opening of which was constantly postponed, the relocation of Samsun Train Station to Tekkeköy came to the fore. The opening is always [more…]


OMÜ tramline will catch up with next season

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Turan Çakır stated that the university tram line will reach the next season and said, "We attach importance to public transportation." Stating that the infrastructure works of the tram at Ondokuz Mayıs University are continuing rapidly, [more…]


Bus resti minibus stretched

It was claimed that Samsun Metropolitan Municipality made a call to 'Buss' to the minibus and minibus lines after extending the rail system to Tekkeköy. Line heads announced that they are preparing for a new struggle Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, Light Rail System [more…]


Tramway torment to Samsun

Tram torture to Samsun residents: The rail system in Samsun reached Tekkeköy, but the citizens rebelled this morning because the trams arrived late and full. Light rail system in Samsun as of yesterday OMÜ – Tekkeköy [more…]