TOKI'S ESHOT problem is growing

ESHOT problem in TOKI is growing: IZBAN transportation as they see no benefit to the citizens who suffered, directed to use the minibuses. Increased transportation costs citizens, 'Dolmuşçılar Kocaoğlu'nun statue of diktirmeli' he reacted saying Bahçelievler District [more…]

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İZBAN Line Changed Torbalı's Fate

İZBAN Line Changed Torbalı's Destiny: Prime Ministry Housing Development Administration (TOKİ) chose Torbalı as a pilot region. 2 bedrooms and 3 living room, XNUMX bedrooms and XNUMX living room, housing option for the retired and disabled. [more…]

11 Bilecik

The Excitement of Yht in Bilecik

Excitement in Bilecik Yht: Bilecik, High Speed ​​Train (YHT) for this purpose, the new minibus line services started for the station area began today.Bilecik, Istanbul, Kocaeli, Adapazari, Eskisehir, Ankara and Konya, such as [more…]

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TOKI from 3. airport description

3 from TOKI. airport description: Prime Ministry Topluk Housing Administration (TOKI), the administration of the expropriation in the region, Istanbul 3. It was reported that it was built for the airport project and that it was not used for any other purpose. TOKI, last [more…]

Marmaray Stops Map
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Marmaray Stops Blows Land and Housing Prices

Marmaray stops have increased land and housing prices: Real estate prices have increased in the regions above 40 stops where the Marmaray Project passes. According to real estate experts, the price increase in land and housing prices will continue. Marmaray project, [more…]

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Istanbulu Spider Web

Istanbul has increased the price of the subway house, which is like a spider web: I was jealous every time I got on the metro in European cities. How we stayed on foot after Tünel-Karaköy, the second oldest subway in the world. Fortunately Istanbul [more…]

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Bilecik high-speed train transportation junction point

The junction point of Bilecik high-speed train transportation, Poyraz said at the press conference held at the Municipality Cultural Center that the most useful work done for Bozüyük during his term as a deputy was the work in the Organized Industrial Zone. In OSB, infrastructure, natural gas [more…]


Answer from Yılmaz Özdil to TCDD

The debate between Hürriyet writer Yılmaz Özdil and TCDD continues at full speed. Özdil, in his last article, criticized TCDD in the form of "how local are you". Railways, on the other hand, opposed this article by Hürriyet. [more…]

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When will this subway construction end?

ANKARA Construction of the Ankara Metro, which was suspended by the Metropolitan Municipality for a long time and left to rot, then transferred to the Ministry of Transport, which recently led to the death of a worker named Kadir Sevim, [more…]

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The construction of the Ankara Metro

It is useful for those who design and implement economic policy to pay attention to the problem of the 'future budget deficit'. It is now much easier to explain the troubles that may arise from the height of public debts. Without embarking on long explanations, shorthand, the Greek or [more…]