49 Germany

Siemens to be awarded to YHT tender

Siemens is also a bidder for the YHT tender: It has been reported that Siemens is also willing to participate in the high-speed train tender, of which Talgo, Bombardier and Alstom announced that they will participate, and that it has made a domestic partner evaluation. German engineering company Siemens [more…]

33 France

French Alstom sees its eye on YHT tender

French Alstom has set its sights on the YHT tender: After Canadian and Spanish companies, now French Alstom has announced that it will participate in the YHT tender. Arban Çitak, Turkey General Manager of French Alstom, stated that the company will [more…]

7 Kazakhstan

Modern Trains Coming to Kazakhstan

Modern Trains Coming to Kazakhstan: Askar Mamin, head of Kazakhstan Railways, announced that new Talgo trains will be purchased for use on the country's railways. It was also stated in the statement that the trains to be taken will enter service towards the end of this year. Spanish [more…]

966 Saudi Arabia

Turkish fast train to Saudi Arabistana

Turkish high-speed train to Saudi Arabia: The Turkish high-speed train will cross the borders and reach Saudi Arabia. 20 high speed trains, for which the Spanish Talgo, with which Albayrak Group partnered for the production of high-speed train sets, was awarded the contract from Saudi Arabia [more…]

34 Istanbul

TÜMOSAN and Talgo Signs Agreement

TÜMOSAN and Talgo Signed Intention Agreement: Tumor agreement was signed between Tümosan and Talgo for the joint production of high speed train sets. Tümosan operates in the field of train, high speed train and railway equipment [more…]

38 Ukrayna

Moscow-Kiev Express will be launched next year

Moscow-Kiev Express to be put into service next year: Director of the Federal Passenger Company Mikhail Akulov said that the 2014 will provide express passenger trains between the Russian and Ukrainian capitals. Express, train in Bryansk city just between Kiev and Moscow [more…]