35 Izmir

From the Swedish Delegation Arriving in Izmir

The first stop of Swedish city planners, architects, academicians and designers who came to Izmir for the activities of the Swedish Consulate was the Metropolitan Municipality. Guest who says the tram is a form of transport included in the Stockholm Municipality plan [more…]

46 Sweden

Stockholm Metro Art Gallery

Stockholm Metro is almost an art gallery: Stockholm Metro, the largest rail system in Europe, almost resembles an art gallery. The metro network covering Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is the longest in Europe with 100 stations and 110 kilometers. [more…]

46 Sweden

Panic bomb stops trains in Stockholm

In Stockholm, the bomb panic stopped the train services: The passenger train heading to Stockholm in Sweden was evacuated last night after the staff found a suspicious package on the train and reported it to the police. Police press sözcüsü Fredrik Kliman train [more…]


Take the European tracks with InterRail

Get on the rails of Europe with InterRail! You have the opportunity to visit many countries of Europe by train with affordable prices. Ability to take all 2nd class trains in the countries covered by Interrail for a certain period of time [more…]