Public transportation vehicles are clean in Istanbul
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Public Transport in Istanbul is Clean

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality; It regularly cleans all public transportation vehicles such as buses, metrobuses, metro, trams and ferries, and disinfects them against germs and viruses. Every year worldwide, especially in winter [more…]

list of countries by rail length
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Istanbul Card Period Closes in Transportation

With the new application developed by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) affiliate company BELBİM A.Ş., Istanbul residents will be able to get on public transport vehicles via the data matrix system on their smartphones. Download, install, scan, late motto now with the QR code application in mobile applications [more…]

Steamer Musicians continue to choose
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Steamboat Musicians Selections Continue

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) City Lines Inc. continues to add new ones to its ferry musicians. The performances of the musicians in the musician pool after the applications made through the White Table in the competition organized to increase the quality of the music on the ferries. [more…]

public transportation in izmir
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E-City Period in Public Transportation in Izmir

Objections made to the smart fare collection system operation tender held by ESHOT on 5 August were rejected. E-Kent company, which won the tender, will start work on December 7 According to the news of Ertan Gürcaner from Sabah; “Izmir Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

eshotta crisis at the door
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ESHOT Crisis is at the Door

The service period of Izmirim Card, which is used in public transportation, ends on September 7th. ESHOT's inability to prepare the tender specifications for 2.5 months signaled a possible crisis in transportation According to the news of Ertan Gürcaner from Sabah; “To Izmir Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

eshot mobile application updated
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ESHOT Mobile Application Updated

ESHOT, the personal public transportation guide of İzmir residents, is online with its renewed design and content. New user-friendly mobile application that can be downloaded for free on smartphones and tablets; from travel planning to loading Izmirim Card balance, [more…]

transfer center and parking lot
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Transfer Center and Parking Lot

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is signing the Terminal and Parking Lot project that will make Üçkuyular an important transfer point in urban public transportation. Citizens who left their private cars in the parking lot of 841 vehicles, [more…]

izmirlilerden support for izban strike
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İZBAN Grevine Support from İzmir

The strike in İZBAN has left its fourth day behind. The people of Izmir, whom we asked their opinions about the strike, said that they had difficulties but they supported the strike. Nurgül Günay said, “We have all been devastated, but we will still suffer this ordeal. As long as [more…]

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'City Without Cars Day' Held in Izmir

İzmir residents had a pleasant day at the second Kordon which was closed to motor vehicle traffic within the framework of ”City without Cars”. In the street where pedestrians and cyclists move freely, instead of the horn, music and children's voices rose. Izmir [more…]

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500 Bikes Pedaled 42 Km with the Support of IMM!

With the organization of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, within the scope of the "European Mobility Week", 500 bicycles pedaled 42 kilometers from the front of the IMM Saraçhane Building to the New Airport. In various cities of the world, every year from 16 to 22 September, Europe [more…]

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Ferryboat Ferry Arrives from Güzelbahçe to Konak

Aiming to make more use of the Gulf in urban transportation, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has started the cruises that the people of Güzelbahçe have been waiting for with excitement. President Aziz is among the passengers of the ship, which made its first voyage from Güzelbahçe Pier to Konak at 07.35 in the morning. [more…]

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Tram in Izmir but Not Traffic

Although the tram lines stretching from Halkapınar to Fahrettin Altay were newly built, they were highly appreciated by the public. The tram, which has not yet completed its first month, will operate free of charge until 1 July. Rent in places where tram passes [more…]